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Q: How many stars does ______ have?


TKO Mag, classic mag: One star

Powerfeed Mag: Three stars

Minimag: Four stars (soon to be lowered to 2)

E-mag, RT, Retro Valve, RT Pro, Flatline: 2 stars (may not be engraved on valve)

RTs with serial numbers under 4000 (1 to 3999) are out of warranty and are subject to the $45 rebuild fee. RTs with serial numbers 4000 and up will receive free service until December 31, 2002, at which time all RTs will be out of warranty and require a rebuild fee of $45. AGD will consider making an exception if their records show the valve has never been in for repair before.

When you run out of stars (or don't have any) the rebuild fee should cost $45 ($65 for e-mags).

For more details on your mag's warranty, click here

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