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my tactic for one on one

now i didn't have a whole lotta time to read everyone's tactics and i bet someone already said this but here we go. i play one on one alot with my friend becuase he lives next door to me. i made my own field in backyard cuz my parents live on a farm, anyways i shoot a volley of about 10 paintballs at my friend while he is behind the hay, i mean bunker, while he just sits behind it waiting for the paint to stop flying. i run to bunker on the far left/right. while he still thinks i am in het middle i run right past him. it works perfectly for me. the funny thing is it works everytime. as guess u could say he's kinda slow. or the otehr thing i do sometime is move as far to the center i can without him seeing me and just wait for him to run to a bunker on my side and i light him up. hope this works for anyone of u who try it.
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