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Q: My gun is leaking. How do I fix it?

A: first try oiling the gun. This usually helps a lot.

If that doesn't work find where it's leaking from. gas up the gun, pull the trigger and hold it. If it continues to leak then the leak is out the back. If it stops the leak os down the barrel. If it only leaks while holding the trigger it's the on/off.

-leak down barrel-
first check that the bolt spring extends past the bolt. If it does leave that alone. Check the powertube o-ring. If it looks damaged replace it. If it doesn't look damaged replace it anyway but keep the old one(i case that wasn't the problem). If it still leaks change your powertube spacer. Lastly if it still leaks replace the sear.

-leak out the back-
lower your velocity. when the velocity gets too high the guns vents extra pressure out the back. if that doesn't help replace the reg seat. And it all else fails replce reg piston o-ring and clean he piston.

-leaks only while holding the trigger-
If it leaks like a lawn sprinkler(short bursts of air every few second)that can only mean one thing. Teflon o-ring. If it's a constant leak replace all the o-rings as any of them could be causeing the problem.

Q. How do I know if an o-ring is bad?

A: (first I'd like to thank Vaypourus for most of this part)
Follow this guide and you should be able to tell if it's bad. Sometimes you really can't tell though

good o-ring- flexible*(see bottom of post), white or light yellow, clean
bad o-ring-cracked/torn/broken, dark yellow/brown in color, dry)

*Only rubber o-rings(such as the powertube o-ring) are flexible. Teflon o-rings(such as in the on/off)are not flexible. Don't try to bend teflon o-rings as that will only damage them. Teflon is more like a plastic than rubber so if you bend it, it will stay like that and never seal right.
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