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Well, my digi cam has crapped out on my for the moment but I guess I can describe my hopper & hopper stickers to you

Along with my 2K1 RF Sleeper AutoCocker I have a Black Viewloader 12V "Java Edition" Revvy w/ out an X-Board.

Left Shell: WGP sticker of a siluet of a guy shooting a cocker, D.A.R.E. sticker, XPaintball sticker, Paintball 2Xtremes sticker, PMI/RPS sticker.

Front: USA Flag w/ god bless America above it, WGP logo sticker, JT paintball splat sticker.

Right Shell: Warpig logo sticker, KAPP "K" sticker, Dye core division sticker, JT sticker, AutoCocker sticker.

Back (Where the lid is): Real players only use pmi/rps sticker, sticker, classic JT racing USA sticker, my high school football mascot sticker(small golden diving eagle).

Well, thats it....its nothing really flashy but it gets the job done.
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