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Bovine, I am envious of your rig....I must have!

heres my PT Extreme
If You Run, I'll die tired...
Die Hard Rec Player since 1992
Role: Tactical Support
Marker:Tippmann 98 Custom Response (real handy for getting your team out of a jam)
Psycho Ballistics Inc. Drop Forward, Rear Velocity Adjuster, Rocket-Cock, Tasco 30mm Target Aquisition Monitor AKA "Scope", Double Trigger, Macroline, Custom Trigger Shoe (also shortened the trigger pull), Dye Boomstick, Dye Stickies, Dye 1700PSI Mini Gauge, Black Model Paint to remove the scratches after a nice 72hr. Game :p

I also got a PT Extreme, what I like to call the "Perfect Bunker Buster". Handy little tool used to flank and rape the unsuspecting...*grins evil-like*
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