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The hole goes completely through, DeFault. That way the striker is still balanced and you lose some extra weight.


Nice post! I think you've pretty much covered everything. The only thing I'd like to say is that the elbow on my hammer is a 1" to 1". Maybe some of the others are different. I know it went through a slew of incarnations.

And continueing the Hammer Mods........

Grip Frames: Depending on the age of the hammer you're getting it could have one of two kinds of grips. The original 2 runs (the direct feed and one of the powerfeeds) had m-16 style grip frame while the new hammer has a cheapo plastic one. The m-16 style are nice because you can get a .45 style grip for them from This lets you put dye stickies on, which are sooooooo much more comfy than a m-16 grip. If you got the new hammer, don't fear there is something you can do about it. The grip frames for the traccer/maverick have the same hole pattern as the hammer. They are actually better than the original too because the trigger pull is shorter and lighter. You'll need a couple of washers though because the screws for the hammer are about 1/8" too long. I just used a hex nut that slipped over each screw and it works really well. You can also get bottomlines for this easier because of the inline hole pattern.

Stock Class: Stock class isn't much different than pump except that you are limited to a horizontal feed and 12g cartridges only. Stock class is nice for a couple of reasons.

1. Almost zero gun profile: I've yet to be hit in the gun while playing stock class. There isn't a huge hopper or tank sticking out waiting to be shot. Think just how many have been shot in the hopper. Watch a tourney and you'll see about half the eliminations are from being shot in the hopper.

2. It makes the gun lighter: Look at everyone on the field when you go to play with a stock gun. They're carrying around a 5-6 lbs gun and about 3-4 lbs of paint on their back. Sure that's alot of firepower, but they aren't going to be moving too fast with it all either. Now look at the guy with the stock gun. A 2-3lbs gun and less than 1 lb of paint. Who do you think can move faster?

3. It's different: This is the main reason I started doing stock class. How many people actually do it? Not many, but it's a nice change of pace from hauling 10 lbs of stuff around and laying down $.25/sec in paint (10bps).

4. How to actually do stock class effectively with a hammer Well, this requires time and patience and it's described in the link in HammerBoy's post.

Internals: It's a nelson based pump gun. That is to say everything is inline.The velocity is adjustable via the venturi bolt by a flathead screwdriver. It also accepts nelson spring kits.
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