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It's your eyes so do as you please, but I have seen and had to replace many cracked and broken sports lenses. Any aceatone, alcohol, ammonia, or other cleaner that contains these chemicals will break down polycarbonate plastic, which is what is used to make these lenses. These are not the guesses or musings of a "junior chemist," this is from someone who has worked around these products for several years.

These "techs" that you speak of, are they people who work on the development and testing of these lenses or are they the people otherwise known as "customer representatives." Not to knock the customer reps, they are simply the messengers, but I seriously doubt that you have been speaking to the "techs." If so give me the number that you called them at I would like to ask them some questions.

The entire purpose of the development of polycarbonate lenses was strength. Using chemicals that break down the bonds of that plastic is going against the point. You would be better off wearing no mask at all then when you go into surgery they don't have to take out fragments of the mask that was broken at 300 f.p.s (200+ mph).

Trust me on this I have worked with sports lenses for somtime and have researched this. You only get one set of eyes, I would hate to think that I lost them just because I wanted to use windex or some other cleaner when water will do just as well (actually better because it will not take off the AR coating nor the tint).

If for no other reason think of it this way. It is for sure that one is not going to harm ones lenses to clean them with water and a soft cloth. Thus one does not have to worry about buying cleaner nor having to buy a replacement lens sooner than one should. Gee, you save money and your eyes all the way around.

But hey, like I said, they are your eyes. However, I would hate to think that I gave advice based one what an individual told me over the phone who's qualifications to be a "tech" were that they happened to be at the other end of the phone number that I called. Sometimes customer service rep and those who quote them might actually be your "junior chemists."
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