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you can speak to joe at the JTusa TECH department, not a customer representative...the only chemical that would break down lenses would be acetone. Again, I'm taking the word of the TECH personnel at the various goggle manufacturers. They know their product and are emphatic about the fact that it does NOT degrade the structural integrity of the lense. I understand your concern but unless you're able to prove that isoprophyll alchohol is capable of altering the structural integrity of the lense, I say to everyone CALL THE TECH DEPARTMENT OF YOUR GOGGLE COMPANY AND ASK instead of taking our word for it. I agree that water is probably the best cleaner but I will not spread false information about the compromising of lense strength with other cleaners. I would agree with you if I had spoke to the customer representatives and not the qualified tech. Again, I would not surmise anything that would be slanderous to a product without having absolute proof of my claim. So one more time, CALL THE TECH DEPARTMENT OF YOUR GOGGLE COMPANY AND ASK IF YOUR PROPOSED CLEANER ALTERS THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF YOUR LENSE and ask WHY certain products are not suggested. They have varying reasons, none of which have anything to do with structural integrity.
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