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windex, 409 or other household chemicals may damage lenses

just read it, now call them up, ask for the tech department and ask if the these chemicals will compromise the structural integrity of the lenses....I bet their answer is no. if you read it, the dont suggest windex or 409...the reason according to the techs was that people using them may put the mask on and irritate their eyes from the fumes if put on too soon. the damage of the lenses may come from other cleaners with acetone...not necessarily windex or 409 (both of which I asked about in relation to structural integrity....a resounding NO by the techs.)

but we could argue this all day, the best thing to do is to CALL THE TECH DEPARTMENT OF YOUR GOGGLE COMPANY AND ASK WHY CERTAIN CLEANERS MAY NOT BE SUGGESTED...there will be differing reasons and for most chemicals, have nothing to do with structural integrity. in fact, when I talked to Dye, their response was that they had a coating awhile back that was susceptible to alcohol but has since changed the composition of their coating and alcohol is no longer in issue.....dont' believe me....ask them...
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