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SABO is right. If it's anything other then water, don't use it.

You people are forgetting, water works best too! Wipe the lense with a cloth (not a paper product like a paper towel! the wood fibers will scratch your lense) and go to a water fountain or sink. Turn the water on so that it's a gently, smooth stream, uninturupted, and not sprayin everywhere. Put your mask under the stream so that the top or bottom of the lense will be incontact, making sure the lense is angled, so the water slidesdown and off the lense. Slowly move the mask so the water goes over ever part of the lense at one point.

It works better then anything I've ever tryed, or have since.
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Uhh about that Sid. I uh... heh heh, already banned him. Sorry about that.
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