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Actually the advice given is all good. The winning team will be the one who knows when to use it.

My advice to add to the list is this. Keep COMMUNICATION before the game open and clear (and if possible during the game via simple hand signals etc.). Know what the rest of the team is doing so that if a teammate is taken out you know where the hole is that needs covering.

Second: know your own strengths and weaknesses as well as thiers. For EXAMPLE: If your team is the older or more experienced against the younger or newbies use that to you advantage. Most newbies (and yes this is not all, but most) are going to do one of two things, be scared to death of getting shot and will cower from even the lightest cover fire giving you the chance to get in close. Or else they will be so eager to come at you they will rush and you merely need to wait for them to run infront of your barrell (I love doing this one). If your the newbie, resist the urge to go with those first obvious ideas and play on the fact the the "experienced" players will expect to win.

PATIENCE. This is not fear to move, it is knowing when to move, to where and how fast/agressively to do so. Patience is something that increases with experience and knows to watch for the holes in the opponents stradegies.

STEALTH. SILENCE and LOW PROFILE make a big difference. One does not shot what they do not know is there. I have been able (on occassion) to watch opponents pass within 2 to three feet of a teammate and I and this was both their front and back lines. We waited until they engaged our defending players and with thier attention faced forward they never noticed the shots from behind, until it was too late.

POSITIONING. A great hiding spot is no good if noone ever passes by. Look at the accesses to your flag/point of defending. Make sure you cover them but don't set up right in their path. They may be on you before you know they are there. Also don't get so well hidden that you don't have a line of fire. Nothing more funny than a popping bush with paint splattering through its branches that does nothing more then make for a painted bush. And most usually, when this mistake is made, they will get you before you get out.

AVOID REDUNDANCY. If it woked last time, and it worked really well last time, save it for a later game. The opponents can only know of your stradegy what you show them. Keep it mixed up and them guessing.

Yes I know this is mostly advice for the "non-agressive player" but there is one thing that they need to know as well. AVOID TUNNELL VISION. No matter how still you are or how much you move, keep your eyes moving. Don't get so focused on one target that you miss those right beside you. I know that this can have some painful results (three quick shots to the left kidney from two different players in under 15 - 20 feet and all I could think was that I walked right into it).

LISTEN. Listen to what the other players have to say. From time to time even the newbie has some good ideas.

And the most important tip can give HONESTY. I have seen games run on and be ruined by dishonest morons (no they do not deserve to be called players). This is a game that has grown in large part due to the groups who meet in a "friends field." Many of the higer profile events that have a following and many players got interested in the sport because of the "first weekend game." Nothing turns people away quicker than someone lying with no real purpose other then to say "I won." Keep the game to the great joy and level it should be at.

Well, that's my 2 cents.
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