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what to consider when comparing a matrix to other guns

Originally posted by Flanders
well i think we need a matrix to compare with other guns,first for first guns when u just get themost affordable one, u have the base matrix led, it's bad efficency and can chop, buwont, and the may stick. for lil higher end like 7-800 dolelr pricerange, matrix select, it's led and has a trinity and bolt kit (ie effiecent and no chopping) 8-1100 range, id say lets put in a nice lcd matrix, it has trinity and bolt kit as well as perdy colors and an lcd, which has all the functions of the angle lcd..withough messaging, caus ethats just stupid imo. for 11-1400 we put in a techila, it has nice milling nice colors a 45 frame, led push button, custom manifolds, volumizers and it just rocks, and for 1400+ we could say iron man entity, if they expect 3 of the iron men teams to use them, it must be pretty damn good, oh and it's lcd

and for a bases of comparison with these higher end guns, i say we use an hpa cause not alot of people would be using co2 if they had the choice with these guns...ok

cause then with an emag x, 1200 doller gun, u compare to a techila, thnat thing would be very very even, no chopping from either unles sur retarted, but matrix has no kick, yet emag is faster, but once u get to it, it's up to the puller to get that fast, u can get a techila matrix up to 22.4 ps i think 22 something, so it's even
this was taken from another thread in which we were comparing different guns, matrix was being compared stock to other guns
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