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A few strategies for when u are in a firefight.

1.) When both u and the enemy are behind trees, keep shooting to one side of the tree, they will usually start backing up more and more, until his/her big fat ummmm, well you know, ***** starts showing out the other side, in which case u give them a paint enema.

2.) If u arebehind a tree (or any other bunker), don't keep popping out one side to shoot, or else if they're any good they'll be one step ahead and make u taste it.

3.) Don't get cocky and start mouthing off to people, cause for one I'll have to put a foot up your arse personally, and because thenthey'll go after u like none other, and most likely will lite u up. U think Evil Kinevil is a crazy mofo, wait till u see someone with their pride on the line. If someone starts giving u crap, don't return the favor, just smile, nod, and make them eat some paint, as well as their words, on the field.

4.) Be random. It may not always work, you may end up painted more colors than a war cheif on peyote, but they won't expect it and it's sure to be fun.
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