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Maintanence of JT Excellerator 3.0/4.0

Before and after every paintball game it is important for you to wipe your paintball gun down, disassemble it, oil all of the necessary parts, and put it back together for storage or play.

Materials Needed to Disassemble and Maintain Gun:

1. A towel or rag to set bits and pieces down on and to wipe gun off

2. Gold cup gun oil or any other type of oil specially made for paintball use

3. Set of allen wrenches which should have come with your JT gun

4. A few long pieces of rag (you can do like I did and cut up an old T-Shirt into many strips)

Basic Disassembly of JT Excellerator 3.0 and 4.0:

1. Take ring off of pin at the back of gun, right under the bolt

2. Hold down the silver cylinder under the bolt tube and carefully slide the pin out of the gunís body (if you do not hold the cylinder down it will shoot out and you may lose some important parts)

3. Now carefully pull out the metal cylinder out of the tube, you will see the metal cylinder, a spring, anda black plastic guide. Take these parts and carefully put them to the side

4. Carefully, and pulling straight out so as to not scratch anything, pull the bolt which is attached to the striker out of the guns body, but be sure to catch the striker because it will fall out (the black rubber stopper will also fall out)

5. Look at the front of the gunís body; you will see the volumizer which is the bullet shaped thing sticking out of the bottom tube of the body. You will need to just unscrew this and put to the side all that you took out, which should be the volumizer, a cone shaped spring, and metal star looking guide, and the cup seal and valve pin

6. Now, with an old rag, very carefully wipe down all that you took out, and roll another rag up into a long swab and run it through the top tube of the gunís body (where the bolt was) and through the barrel

7. Put a few drops of oil on a rag and wipe all of the parts that you took out to cover them with a thin layer of oil. Next you will need to take the paintball gun oil and put a drop on all of the o-rings that you see (which should be 3 on the bolt, 1 on the striker, and 1 on the volumizer) then, with your finger, for each o-ring evenly spread that drop of oil to cover then entire ring

8. Now the reassembly begins, and youíll hafta screw the volumizer back in with the spring inside of it, and to the spring connected the star-shaped guide, and the cup seal and valve pin (just how you took it out)

9. Attach the striker (which in case you still donít know is the big metal thing inside of the lower tube which was attached to the bolt) to the bolt and once again carefully slide it back in until it will go no further

10. While applying pressure to the bolt pull on the trigger and the bolt should snap back into place, then put pressure once again on the bolt and pull the trigger again to decock the bolt

11. Next put into the bottom tube the thick rubber stopper (which looks like an oversized o-ring), pushing it all the way in

12. Put into the bottom tube the main spring which should go in the hole in the rubber stopper you just put in

13. Put inside the spring the black plastic guide, and put on the metal cylinder which is the velocity adjuster

14. Push the metal cylinder in so that the hole will align with the hole on the gunís body, and push through the pin that you took out in the very beginning

15. Last, slide on the ring to hold the pin in place and cock and dry-fire your gun a few times to make sure that it works

Advanced Disassembly of JT Excellerator 3.0 and 4.0:

1. Repeat steps 1-7 of the basic disassembly to begin

2. Take a phillips head screw driver and take out the screws holding the regulator to the drop forward

3. Take the expansion chamber or gas-through grip and turn it clockwise until it unscrews

4. Now you can clean the inside of your x-chamber or gas-through and after you are done put 2-3 drops of oil down the tube inside of the x-chamber/gas-through and try to evenly spread it with your finger as much as you can

5. To reassemble screw the x-chamber/gas-through back on and reattach the screws that hold the regulator to the drop forward

6. Repeat steps 8-15 of basic disassembly to finish

Do the advanced disassembly about after 2-3 games and do the basic before and after every game to ensure a properly working gun without any malfunctions during your play.
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