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Not So Great Upgrades

The following list is items not needed, basically a waste of money as far as performance wise. I suggest saving up for something more worthwhile like what is mentioned above....

a) Valves - For general use, the stock valve is good. Unless you are going LP, you are fine with the stock.

b) Bolts - The stock bolt is also good for general use. I have purchased other aftermarket bolts. I have not experienced any changes. I have never liked the venturi, LP setup or not. You may experience an increase in FPS. Just reduce the velocity or change springs to bring it down to the right velocity. There is NO magical bolt that will increase distance and accuracy that many manufacturers advertise.

c) Trigger Frame The JT Frames are good, but for outer appearance, an aftermarket is all right too. A new trigger frame is just for looks. Dye stickies or hogue grips or any other aftermarket grips will not fit on the stick JT trigger frame.

d) Remote. This is preference. But, the loose hose from the marker to your tank on your back can get tangled up and slow you down. A drop forward is best to have a well balanced marker with a tank.

e) Expansion Chamber. They work, don't get me wrong. But having an anti-siphon tube installed will be so much better for consistency. Let say that you are playing in 75* weather - excellent for CO2. Or is it? As you shoot your marker, the tank will get cold. The more you shoot, the colder it gets. CO2 doesn't like the cold. As it gets cold, there is less pressure that evaporates into a gas. So, your tank pressure can be 800-900psi when you first start out. As you shoot, this pressure will reduce and it even could reduce to 500psi. As you shoot the liquid will be pulled out of the tank and into the marker causing velocity spikes and/or quick freeze your o-rings and break. Having an anti-siphon tube will only (if installed correctly) pull the gas out. Only in extreme cold climates will I ever suggest an x-chamber. I would actually tell you to use a remote line and carry your tank on your hip before switching to an x-chamber.

I'm currently working on more FAQs doe the JT guns so please wait cuz I've been busy. Gonna type up how to add a reg to JT 3.0/40 and other LP questions.
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JT Excllerator 4.0
AKA Tornado Valve
Light Main Spring
Medium Valve Spring
20oz Anti-Syphon tank with Smart Parts on/off valve
Ricochet AK
Dark Horizons Titanium Striker
Lapco Vertical Adapter
Lapco Chrome Bottomline
Macroline Air Fittings/Hoses
Chrome Bob Long Torpedo Reg
Chrome Shocktech Drop Forward

Currently running at 200psi; recocks at 100psi.

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