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Re: Crossing a ravine/creek

Originally posted by RecklessFable
In the woods, bring a buddy. Woods ball has a lot more spotting involved.

If you play where a creek or ravine is almost too far for you to jump, hand your marker to your buddy. Have him cover you. Then take a running leap. Have him throw you both markers and cover him wile he leaps over.
I don't suggest doing this. I would keep my gun and have someone cover me. My reasoning is I hate coming underfire w/o the ability to protect myself. and what happens if the team abandons you? If the creek comes up past your waist then you shouldn't attempt to cross it. Now, I'll be useful and add some tactics on moving through areas like this-

Never distribute your full weight onto anything. And feel around too. Kinda push yourself off lightly and keep yourself moving, never holding one position as your full weiht will hit it. You kinda float along merrily. This works in water that is relativly high though as the water lightens you.
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