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Hypothetical Woods Situations

These are some not so hot situations to be in. I'm going by experiance and from some stuff I have picked up from others but if anyone wants to debate with me, you can pm me

1) You get seperated from your team behind enemy lines and you see groups of the op force milling around.

This is a bad situation that shouldn't happen in the first place. As you might know, I emphasize team work and leadership...ever notice that the USMC don't put lone snipers behind enemy lines, rather, they are put in teams. There's a reason for this. But back to topic, your best bet would be to stay passive and wait for a friendly unit to come by. They eventually will. You might also consider moving out real slow if you are certain no friendly unit will come by, like if you were deep behind enemy territoy, maybe 1-2 miles or more.


2) The enemy is smashing your lines and almost broken though. You have a small team at your command.

Now, I believe in charging into things head first. My reasoning is that if you don't move now and try to help then there might not be anything to help in the future so I would move to the hot zone nad try to put out the fire and take whatever else can be spared. You might also consider an organized retreat. And you might be able to make your defensive area even smaller by doing so or give you a terrain advantage.


3) You have command of a small team and spot the enemy. Currently you have not been observed.

Get in their assumed path, set-up good positions and ambush them. If you are certain that you cannot win that type of battel then you will need to co-ordinated with friendly units, using runners, interdiction riflemen, and small groups to lure them where you and the friendly unit you are working with can smash them.


4) You need to move out quick but you have heard gunfire coming in that direction and come to a blind spot where you cannot see.

Some might want to try and be cautious and send out recon elements, but instead, keep moving until you draw enemy fire and then attack or do what you need. If there is no enemy then you have wasted time. If there is you can engage him.


5) You are holding a defensive position, your team as a whole is suffering, being low on everything except the enemy.

In this situation, you must think. If you hold the objective, will your casualties be so great that you cannot hold off a counter attack? If so, then move to a better position, rearm and take it. If you are sure you can hold it then do so. Use rounds sparingly if need be.

more to come later...
Bondage Cams

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