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Few questions i think are good for FAQ that need answering by you guys:

1) Does it hurt the gun or the guns internals in any way to dry fire it?

A: No

2) Does it hurt the gun or the guns internals in any way if you pull the trigger w/o air?

A: No

3) Does AGD fix/do work on Micromags? Any info on warranty work on Micromag RTs?

A: No. Any Micromags sent to AGD are routed to Pro-Team.

4) How do you know if your ReTro valve is alluminum?

I believe the back half is aluminium. The newest all black valves with "X-Mag" engraved are all alum.

5) If it is not alluminum, where can you get the alluminum valve and is there a trade in program?

I do not believe there is that kind of trade-in program now.
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