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I had a few questions here:

1) I bought a can of Plexus plastic cleaner from pb this stuff alright to use?

You don't need it

2) I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here or what but I am always getting stuff on the inside of my thermal lenses. Mostly it's just dirt and moisture from when my gogs fog up, but once I actually got splatter on the inside lens (don't ask how, I'm not entirely sure myself). What's the safest way to clean the inside lens so it doesn't get all ruined?

Just water, gently dry with a very soft/clean cloth

3) What exactly should you NOT do to the thermal lens? I keep getting conflicting answers.

Use only water, it is all you need. Puls try to clen within 1 - 2 hours of getting gogged, this doesn't allow the color to set up into a stain. Also, if your thermal lenses are like the v-force, BE xtreme, and others that use a coating as opposed to a second lens, DO NOT SCRUB, this will take of the coating.

Bottom line, use water, it will take care of it and you can get a great deal on it at your local sink.

Have fun, play safe.

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