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Someone posted earlier that when you're moving to your postion you should fire off some shots. I'd tend to disagree. If you're a front player, your main focus is getting to your primary bunker. By taking that time and that extra mental power to fire off a fiew quick shots would distract from the focus of getting into that bunker.

Of course, this is not always the case, it could be your team's strategy that they have everyone sweetspotting off the break. In this case, no one should be moving faster than a walk. If this is your team's strategy, it would be wise to figure out when each position would stop shooting and run for their bunkers. Of course, the frontman would have to stop first, probably with in the first 2 seconds; then the mid, maybe in 3 seconds; and then the back, in 4-5 seconds.

Other stuff that front players can do is run in an arc. In the first 2 seconds of the game, you're pretty much free from any paint. This allows you to make a sprint forward and gain as much ground as you can. Then at the last second, you veer off to the right or left, depending on which side your bunker is on, and run diagnally for it.

When the front/mid is snapshooting, consider popping up low, like on your knees. When someone has your bunker dominated, as in you can't pop your head up with out getting a few balls thrown at you, they will usually have a bead on where you would pop up on top. By popping out low, it gives you that precious second to shoot at him and potentially tag him out.

Here's something i saw Aftershock do. When one person moved up, the players behind them would rotate. lemem try to illustrate:




Let's asuume that A,B,C are all bunkers w/ players behind them. When A moves to another bunk up field, B would take position A and C would take position B. This rotation would happen simultaneously after A was empty. This constant movement and sinchrounous movement was just amazing to watch and is difficult to stop.

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