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Business Name:Hogan's Alley Paintball

Location:998 North Colony rd, Meriden CT

Telephone Number:203-238-2875


Registration Fee: $15/own equipment FPO- $25/own equipment BYOP-
Rental Equiptment Fee:$25/ Rental package (TIppman 98c, JT mask, 2 100rd. tubes w/ belt, unlimited air, +field pass) $35 if you want an Impulse

Fill Stations: Nitro fills available ~$3 CO2 ~$4

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Not sure about actual prices, good selection OKAY prices

Styles of Play Available: 1 Sup Air, 1 Hyperball, 1 Spools, 1 Woodsball (all fields change layout about 1-2 times a month)

Comments/Conculsions: Nice, fair refs; great people; concept fields are the best I've every seen on a rec ball field; safety rules enforced; food available during the day ($1 for a hotdog w/ anything imaginable on it); the pro shop is staffed w/ knowledgeable ppl, just a little bit pricey though; i really can't say more about this field; easy to find and get to; ocassionally, pro-teams stop by for a day of play and give out free sh*t to us plebiens...

p.s. ive been looking for a field of this quality in the rochester NY area, plz post if you know of any...
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