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The Black Dragon is so fast that YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ELECTRIC HOPPER, or you will chop balls like crazy. One kind of electric hopper is gravity fed. This means that a small paddle inside the hopper "agitates" the balls into the feedneck, and gravity pulls them down. The 12v Revy is a great electric-gravity hopper. At about $50, it is also one of the cheapest. The Richochet is a bit more expensive, but it comes with a few convienent features, and has a design that promotes ball bouncing. Another kind of electric-hopper is a force fed hopper, which doesn't rely on gravity, it actually pushes the balls into the gun. These hoppers can feed much faster than electric hoppers that use gravity. The Evolution 2, HALO, and Warpfeed are all force fed. The Evo-2 is a great deal, at only $65. The Warp and HALO will run you around $110. For more information about electric hoppers, check out the Hoppers Forum.
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