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This is My timmah!!! Look in my sig for upgrades..
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Custom Dust blue ano'd #83
Dragon Intimidator (all chrome parts)
1.PBK Bolt, 2.PBK Hard Ball Detents
3. PBK Chrome Ram Sleeve Cap Screw, 4. PBK Chrome Blade Trigger, 5. Black Magic Cup Seal, 6. Chrome BL Torpedo, 7. Chrome Custom Stick Trigger, 8. Chrome Volumizer, 9.Chrome/Blue Demonic Strangler Feed Tube, 10. Chrome/Blue Equation Barrel System, 11 .V 2.0 WAS Equalizer Board, 12. Mac Dev 68/45 Conquest, 13. Clear Evolution2, Blue halo b, 14. Hose Barb Mod, 15. LP Mod
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