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F.S.Q. Faq Filling Station Questions

Recently Intelliphreak PM'ed me and asked about Scuba Tanks (I've got three) and Filling stations. We agreed there might be questions others here would be asking so we've decided to start a thread for just that.

Scuba tanks can be a great way to fill your nitro or HPA tanks if you decide to get away from C02. Scuba tanks hold 80 cubic feet of compressed air and they can range in the 80 to 100 dollar range for used, and 140 & up for new. Keep in mind that scuba tanks need to be hydro tested just like a H.P.A or nitro tank for your marker, they also require a visual each time thet are re-filled.

I bought all three of mine from a shop outta Buffalo where they also sold me a refill card. (It's kindda like a lunch ticket, 10 refills for 35 bucks plus tax, and 20 refills for 55 bucks plus tax) each time I get my tanks refilled they punch my ticket.

What I do with my tanks is called cascade filling. I fill my 'geddon 68 all the way up off the first scuba tank, then I move to the second scuba and "top off" the 'geddon, and finally to the third scuba tank and finish topping off. Once I've gotten to (after 10 to 12 fills) about a 1000 to 1200lbs fill off the first scuba tank, I'll take it in to get it refilled and put it at the end of the line in my cascading order.

Filling stations, In order to fill off a scuba tank you will need a filling station, Now I'll list the 5 parts of the station (or at least what I call them) and they'll match the picture below.

A) Set knob, This is a set screw that will hold the fill station in place connecting to the valve assembly on the scuba tank.

B) Scuba tank fitting, This fitting will line up the filling station to the valve assembly on the scuba tank (once the station is slipped over the scuba tanks valve assembly) The Set (A)knob then will be tightened down securing the station in place. It's important to insure the gasket inside the scuba tanks valve assembly is maintained and in good shape.

C) Air release knob, When your H.P.A. tank has ben filled and your scuba tank valve has been shut off (closed) this knob allows you to release the pressure from the nipple of the tank and the npt (D) fitting.

D) NPT fitting, This is a female fitting that slips over the nipple on your nitro or H.P.A. tank.

E) Tank pressure gauge, This gauge tells you the pressure delivered to the nitro or H.P.A. tank only. It does not tell you what's left in the scuba tank.
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