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OK, OK, what about the other person?

Characteristics of a flim-flam-man. If you see any of the following, halt all together or proceed with extreme caution.
  • As KK put it, a "fly-by-nighter". If the guy has been on here 2 days and has 20 F/S/T posts, avoid him like the plague.
  • Someone whose name appears in this forum with the words "BAD TRADER" anywhere in the same post. Note, having posts for being a GOOD TRADER doesn't necessarily make it so. He may have friends or other accounts posing as previous buyers to bump his ratings. (ask us for an IP check if you are unsure)
  • I hate to be cliche-y... but "If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is!" You see a guy who has an Angel for $100, it's either hot or fake. He MAY be telling the truth, but in this case the risks definitely outweigh the rewards.
  • If the guy has been banned from a few places before or is currently in trouble with us, it reflects poorly on his character. A person's character follows them through all of their actions.
  • If he insists on breaking the courtesy rules below, he's probably not on the level. The only case otherwise is if he's been ripped before and is overly-cautious. You should request a 3rd party near you, or near neither of you. Don't let him push you into a shop near his home.
  • His address is a PO box. This really isn't a big flashing neon sign like those above, but it can mean something. PO boxes are often for specific uses, and if that use is collecting money from online trading, something's wrong. (please note, you cannot ship large boxes to PO boxes)
  • Does not have a picture. I know many people don't have a digi-cam, but they could borrow one if they really tried. If they can't prove they have the product, ship 3rd party.
  • Has many many items up for sale at the same time.
  • Routinely "jumps" at first offer. If he has 5 things up for sale and his first post after the initial one is always an acceptance, something is wrong.

Things to look for in a good trader:
  • Been here for a long time.
  • Many many posts and is generally well respected by the other members.
  • Is a mod.
  • Is an owner or employee of a paintball related business and can provide proof. (if employee, e-mail or call employer for verification if you need to. A 30 cent phone call is insurance money well spent.)
  • Is nice when you talk to him. So many times people cuss me out after asking them a question. I hit the block button in those cases.
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