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Back Tips

Sweet Spotting:

Before the start of the game, your team must decide on which props (bunkers) are "KEY PROPS". Once you decide on this, your backmen will sweetspot a few feet in front of that bunker.

Do NOT blow a whole hopper on your sweet spotting

Unloading a whole hopper off the break will take too long, makes you an easy target for opposing sweet spotters (yes Backplayers can be sweetspotted themselves!).

While WALKING towards your bunker, Spray around 50-60 shots a few feet in front of the Key Prop. Once you've layed your shots run to your bunker.

Like in Football, you can take a "flight pattern". Off the break you may walk directly to your left/right while sweet spotting, once you've finished laying your paint run FORWARD to your bunker (basically running an "L")

I cant stress enough not to lay a whole hopper down, once again this takes too long and unless you're speedy gonzalez.......expect to get picked off quick.
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