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Various Tips:

What?!! You just got gogged?!?!

A great way of letting your teammates know you've been elminated is walk DIRECTLY in the path of one of your teamates line of sight so he is sure to see you.

He should then inform you other players of your timely elimination...........

This way you're not cheating.....remember NO TALKING ONCE YOU'VE BEEN ELIMINATED! Tourney Refs WILL pull players for this.

Don't stop till the Ref pulls your Armband.

Some may call this trick "cheap" or "wrong" but every little bit helps.......

Say you've just been shot in the hopper.......ok so you know you got shot there, dont just get up and call yourself out!!!! Lay some fire until the Ref pulls your armband.

Bounce it Off The Net

I love this one!! I picked it up at the recent Sunshine Series #12 in Naples, FL this past Fall.

Ok, say you've got an opposing player hiding out in the snake, he's not popping up for nothing.........

If the snake is close enough to a net you just might be able to bounce a few off the net and into the snake!!!

I actually got this to work! Sheer luck? I think not, after the game the guy had THREE paint spots on him. One in the mask, one on his calf and the other on his back.

Give it a try, if it works good for you...if not, well you're not as lucky as me hehehe
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