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the mods listed above are the only good ones from model 98 center with my own twist, and some of the other mods listed above are better. the point of making this list was to give you the "best of the best" mods so you don't have to waste your time searching through sites to find this info. Also, these mods are the only ones that are really safe for your gun. Half the mods on model 98 center either do not work, or can seriously mess up your tippmann.

That picture with the e-bolt was just used for reference, I don't know if the e-bolt does anything for the trigger pull. It's possible that the e-bolt was put in after the magnetic trigger mod.

And yes, the magnetic trigger mod WILL work with the A-5 as well as the model 98 and model 98 custom. In fact, it should work on all non-electro semis.

Orange Freeflow autococker:
-fulcrum milling, vert feed
-true bored and arbor honed
-Eclipse blade trigger frame
-Freak kit anodized to match
-chrome GX-2 reg.
-shocktech drop, CP on/off, macroline
-68/4500 nitro duck tough skin

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custom mods for tippmann markers explained here

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