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Re: Barrels

Originally posted by ericdapyro
which barrel is better for the black dragun led? the AA 2001, the AA 2002, or the Lapco bigshot.
IMO I would say get the AA 2002, its a newer model than the 2001 meaning some difference maybe built different a little, and it looks nicer. The Bigshot ive heard good things about it but im not sure cause ive never seen 1 before. But remember the most iportant thing i paint and barrel match, you can go search it up on the barrel forum.

Originally posted by ericdapyro

also wat is the dif between the freak front and the AA front? other than apperance?
There is no difference except apearance, I think people just like switching their fronts ocasionally for a new look or feel but performance is the same.
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