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I have a 6.0 specifically what can i do to bring the pressure down from 650-800 to a 200 without effecting it's performance.
Go low pressure and you will increase performance.

All my o-rings fell apart after the first use when i went to cean it, It was a pain to find the o-rings does anyone know the actual size of the 3 major o-rings used.Stated in the manual Small-medium-large o-rings.
Buy an o-ring kit and see what fits, there are certain codes to the types but I cannot remember them from the top of my head.

What can i do for the blow back on the marker.
I feel that going low pressure will help this, but since you have an open bolt blow back marker then this is something you will have to live with.

The trigger sticks at times has anyone had a problem with this also.
Could be your trigger spring is too light.

And finall where can i get a different ball stop for this marker it has a tendency to shoot 2 balls.
From the pics of the 6.0s I have seen it has a regular rubber ball detent so there are no real new ones you can buy, although you can do a mod (either by yourself or by a shop) which is basically drilling and tapping a hole for a ball bearing ball detent.
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