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Originally posted by Thor the Mighty
on the accuracy thang said that no gun is more accurate than another.

well here are three contradictions

we all know that a good paint to barrel match means good accuracy. so a guy with a small bore barrel and large bore paint is going to get the same accuracy as someone with a medium sized barrel and medium sized paint ()

AND. someone with a brass eagle vs someone with a shocker. now, you cant tell me the shocker won't shoot a hellova lot farther and more accurate than a piece of eagle?!

the third contradiction:
someone with a barrel that has no porting IS going to have worse accuracy than someone with a ported barrel (ie someone with a threaded pipe vs someone with a sp teardrop).

something wrong with the trajectory myth too!
are you going to stand there and tell me that the tippmann flatline or the automag zbody is going to have the same trajectory as a spyder? nope!

this isnt directed towards you paintballerx.
First off, I covered paint/barrel matching in the very beginning.

Second: certain markers do decelerate faster than others which can, in turn, make them not go quite as far as others. However, scientifically speaking and in a perfect world, every marker goes the same distance.

Porting does nothing for accuracy. It helps with making the barrel quieter, and that's about it. The only differences that aftermarket barrels have over most stock barrels and a pipe (?) is that they are honed and bored to an exact specification for the purpose of having a smooth, generally flawless interior.

I was not referring to the "freaks of nature" (as I call them) like the Z-Body and Flatline. Those are modifications to existing markers.

If it's not directed towards me, then who?
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