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Originally posted by Thor the Mighty
the dude that wrote the artical...unless...YOU wrote the artical

why doesnt that include flatlines and zbodies? i dont get it? its an available product for markers. are you saying that those markers dont count becuase they are modified? i know porting doesnt do anything for accuracy but it sure does help. take the wisper barrel or the crown point barrel. the crown point and wisper barrel both actually help with accuracy.
Judging from the fact that my name is plastered all over the article and I included a copyright notice, I'd be inclined to think it was me who wrote it.

I didn't include anything like the Flatline or Z-Body because they are modifications to existing markers and it wouldn't be fair to compare a normal marker with a Flatlined (?) one.

I'm not quite understanding your point about the Whisper and Crown Point. Porting does nothing for accuracy, it only helps to make the barrel quieter.
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