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Originally posted by Thor the Mighty
psh how am i supposed to know thats your name?!

i seriously dont see why zframes and flat lines shouldn't be included. or if you want to play that way, ill mention the flatline autococker that COMES with a flatline.

now for the crownpoint/whisper

the way these barrels work is that the weird porting gradually 'introduces' the paintball to outside air pressure eventually, making for less air turbulance behind the ball.
I don't understand why you don't get this. I am comparing standard markers v. other standard markers. If I threw a marker upgraded with any of those contraptions into the mix, it would completely destroy my experiments and conclusions.

Hate to break it to ya man, but the Crown Point doesn't have ANY porting. At all. The Whisper has a whole helluva lot of it, but what you're talking about is a theory that is extremely easy to disprove---in fact, it has been numerous times.

Seems to me that you rely to much on what other people say and not enough on what you have personally experienced.

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