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Originally posted by Thor the Mighty
do you really think that people keep their guns stock? nope. i dont see the purpose in your "tests and experiments" in the first place. basicly EVERYONE, save a few people, upgrade their markers with new barrels, bolts, and other strange crap that increases accuracy and distance.

the crown has a muzzle break. thats what im talking about. im sorry, i ment the muzzle break, but it does introduce it to the outside air better with less turbulance like with the wisper as well. the porting gets bigger and bigger introducing it to more outside air. i DONT believe everything people tell me. if that was true i'd have about every marker available right now.
Look, bro: I could care less if you see the purpose in my experiments and tests. I wrote this article to help people, and help it has and will. Unfortunately, you continue to try to disprove my comments with ficticious or poorly written explanations of why I'm wrong.

Come on, work with me! If I were to try to take into account EVERY UPGRADE available, I literally would be 95 years old before I finished!
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