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Location: Japan
M3 Sniper:
Halo B, 20" TASO Stone Cold II
CIP Delrin Full Force Bolt and polished OEM striker
Polished TASO turbo valve with Spyder Madman valve spring
Bob Long Torpedo Regulator
CIP striker spring kit
PE 48/3000 HPA
Air America Raptor 114/3000 on HPA with remote
System X drop forward with on/off ASA
Steel braided hoses with quick release
4-ball quick release pin

High compact: Semi only
9V Revvy
12.5" 2 piece M3 barrel
M3 Stars and Stripes drop forward
M3 Gas thru foregrip
M3 regulator
Polished bolt with removed venturi
Polished OEM striker with MaddMann hard spring
Polished OEM turbo valve and MaddMann medium spring
New o-rings from a Spyder first aid kit
Same tanks as the Sniper

Pic might work

Link to the pic!
DragunFly Mech
Firestorm Cocker

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