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Originally posted by 2nd time newbie
I donīt blame you for getting tired of answering dumb questions from lazy people, but we are not all bad.
since I found this site I have been researching the hell out of the black dragun, and now my new choice, the impulse.
I want to know exactly what iīm getting into when I plunk down my cash.
I agree with this. I mean, yea to people who have $1200 markers and to them it's no big deal about that amount of cash, who cares what someone thinks, if they don't like it they'll get a new one. But I'm in college, when 700 bucks gets saved up I want it to go into the right place.

I've done alot of research into guns I'm intrested in. I started out thinking I was gonna get a used cocker then I looked around and said why don't I get a new one. I went and looked at a black magic, didn't like it. Then I saw a used bko impulse while I was there and I was like this is light as hell and was intereted. So I did research in impulses, I finally found the rat impulse, liked it, talked to the guys that worked at epbo and figured out what I thought I liked. As I kept doing more research, the matrix started to appear in alot of imp threads saying that it was better than the imp. These are people who own imps and saying they'd rather have a matrix? Now I'm concerned and I've done all this research and am going to make the wrong descion, so I did research on the matrix and now I just dont' know. And herein lies the problem. So I decided to post in the electro froum (so I don't get a biased answer and hopefully hear both sides of the story) and then I see this thread stickied above mine and I'm like damn, so I read the whole thread and fixed up my original "rat impulse or base matrix" thread as to not offend anyone.

But the story I just told you is an example of what could be behind people's questions when they ask this gun or that gun, you can't immediately say, anyone that asks this question is a ****ing idiot and doesn't know anything because they didn't do any research. Mabye it's just because they aren't sure and are just looking for the opinions of players that currently using those markers or have shot those markers. I mean, I dont have access to a Matrix, so I can't feel it out to begin with. All the local stores around me don't carry them. So I'm forced to ask opinions.

So I guess my point is through out this post is don't immediately hate those people that ask this gun or that, they all aren't idiots and they all haven't done research. If think you need more information on a guy (ie his style of play) to give him an opinion then ask for it and then if he says something stupid and he obviously has not done any hw, then yell at him. But don't descriminate.
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