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I could not have agreed more with the post above mine. That is what the forum is for, to ask questions. Otherwise it would be just a regular site with information.

I think that many of the "seasoned" PB Reviewers need to relax and lend a hand to the newbies. This is sport is growing, and if we want it to continue to grow, we need to help all that need help. If every time a noobie asks a questions and he/she get shot down as idiots, then what image are we making our beloved sport.

IMO, if you are toooo tired of the question which is better, then don't read it, just ignore it, but for Gód's sake don't't flame the person asking the question. By the same token, I often guide the person and tell them to look for the questions previously posted, that they might find their answer there. And often I get a thank you from them since they didn't know they could do that.

So in short, just be patient, we were/are noobies too.

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