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Talking Ummm this is a though desicion!!

I would goo with a matrix (in my opinion the shocktech Matrix) or Shocktech bushy both are fast and acurate and both are reliable too!! but are a little expensive but worth every penny

Info of these guns:

Shocktech Bushmaster
3D Machined, Lightest Available Electronic Marker
Cocker Threads
66.6 bps Board
Semi Auto Only (Tournament Legal)
LCD Function: Shot Counter, Game Timer
Eye System
Eye Override Switch
Custom Tray/ASA
Supa Fly Bolt
Rat Valve
Sticky Grips ( and more this is many of features)
MSRP: $849.00

Shocktech Matrix
Includes Regulator
LCD Chip (MSRP: $1150) If you think is very expensive to a matrix should get the Air tech E-Matrix:

Operating Pressure is 140 psi.
Color: Black
Stock barrel is Custom Products 14 inch.
The Guns we have now come with the Limited Edition Pewter "Trophy" Grips.


Electronic Triggered, with multi-mode dipswitch adjustment.
Fully Pneumatic operation. (No hammer, no sear, no main spring)
Performance Centerfeed.
Interchangeable forebreech: Standard forebreech
AutoCocker threads. Optional Forebreech
Angel, Shocker, BushMaster, Spyder, Mod98, etc.
Double trigger with Custom MATRIX rubber grips.
Uses one common 12V battery, available anywhere. No recharger needed.


LOW Pressure operation for phenomenal accuracy and performance, enabling use of highest performance brittle-shelled paints.
Dual ball-detent for maximum ball-centering accuracy.
Fires during closed-mode of bolt's travel for superior accuracy.
(Statistically, the most accurate marker ever made in the History of Paintball).

Price on $639.99
Or if you don't like the electros go with a cocker specially shocktech are reliable and famous.(SFL is the best)
If you don't like this guns I can't do much for you then.
In Puerto Rico I always said It doesn't really matter what your gear looks like if it doesn't perform,because nobody take pictures of losers!!
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