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Did we even read the whole thread?

Originally posted by Ebonclaw
I'm not blaming people who ask that, I'm blaming the people who don't even bother to put a little research behind the questions they're asking.
I can understand someone sitting down and saying

"here's what I know about XXX and YYY based on what i've researched, I've considered this, and this and this, and I have some idea of what I want....the last thing I need is owner testimoney and reccomendations on based on THIS style of play I like, and THESE qualities."

What I'm sick of is "I have $1000, should I get a high end cocker or Angel".

There's no background information on what the user wants from a gun, what he plays, how he plays, why he narrowed it down to two markers, if he's open to other suggestions, what equipment he currently has, if he wants to upgrade or buy stock....and so on and he wants us to pick how to spend $1000 of his money.
Even WORSE is the person who says "Do my shopping for me...pick out what I want and WHERE I can get it cheapest" I can MAYBE see "Where's the best place to buy a 2002 Vert feed stock cocker" but I cannot see "I want this and this and this and this and this and this mask....what combination of 2000 pball sites with shipping factored in will save me the most?" It's a nighmare when I order my own gear because I do that for myself, to ask someone else to do it is ludicris.
Even worse STILL is the person that somehow has the gall to do BOTH!

THOSE are the I'm writing this for.

In other words, good for you if you did research and looked at your options and threads that had already been made about your question, we've got no problem helping you now that you give us a bit of info and we have some semblance of an idea of what you want. But having a thread saying "I have $2200, what should I get?".....that pisses me off. Not only are you taking up space on a page where a more useful thread could be posted, not only are you using bandwidth, but these things happen regardless of whether or not I..or someone else replies, you've made no effort to help us help you, and occasionally, I'll run into someone who we've actually bothered with that does this sort of thing that says " tell me where to find all this stuff cheap."

Like I said, you've got internet access apparently, you can go shopping and punch in "paintball gear" on a search engine just like we can.
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