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WASSUp hehe yeah I finally found the time to post up all the stuff that I did to my trigger, by popular demand

Disclaimer: What you do is not my responsibility. Sorry i have to post this up cuz there are idiots out there..

Materials needed:
1 Hammer
1 nail
2 part epoxy
wooden dowel or metal dowel(music wire)
Dremel Tool
Chrome polish or Mother's mag polish
polishing bit for Dremel, or a cloth to apply/buff polish

1. Shortening trigger pull
first, take the trigger pin out of your trigger frame with a nail and hammer. make sure that the grooved sides are coming out first, or the frame will be damaged. Then, you take a piece of wire or wodden dowel if you don't have access to a metal one that will fit comfortably inside the spring. Cut roughly 9 mm of it off, and place it in your trigger spring. Reassemble the trigger, and make sure that the bolt will fire. Then, hook your air up and make sure it will fire every time. It may fire when not gassed up, but it may not fire when it is because when it is gassed up, the mechanics move a lot quicker. Trim the dowel with sandpaper accordingly till you are satisfied.

2. Lightening trigger pull
Take your trigger spring and cut maybe 1 1/2 coils off of it. OR if you are not comfortable with cutting your trigger spring, go to a local hardware store and buy a spring that is the same size, but is lighter(in recoil). IF you do decide to cut the spring, after you do, stretch the spring just a little bit, and put the spring back in with the side you just cut facing down.

3. Shortening Trigger return.
If you look at your trigger from the top view, you will see that there is a tab there to cover the trigger spring. The top part of that touches the main gun body. Take two part epoxy and put a drop on the trigger. Wait for it to dry, and afterwards attach the trigger frame to your gun. If it fires, then leave it. If it doesn't, sand a little down and try again.

This is the basic trigger job. In like 2 minutes, i'm going to go into the more advanced stuff, but i decided to post this one up first for the newbies that wanted a basic trigger job. THe next section will be polishing.
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