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You guys do realize that, although a lot of those posts are from unresearched newbies, some of them do come from researched players. However, you can read all the damn specs on a gun that there are, but you don't know how it shoots, or anything that pertains to actually SHOOTING the gun. What good does my reading that any random gun can shoot 14 bps, if I can't hear it from an actual user?

Also, w/o some of these posts, you wouldn't have full knowledge of ALL the guns available. My friend (he's on here, but I don't know his s/n) intended on buying a shocker, until he posted and heard of the Nasty Impulse. After checking in 10 or so stores, I can verify that I could only find 1 store that even mentions a Nasty Impulse.

You guys are basically right. Most of those "vs." posts are just inexperienced newbies. However, they ALL aren't. And I'm sure most of us here have, at any given time, made a similar post.
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