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Well i learned one thing today. i took my mask apart. Then i put everything in water, including the googles. That was a mistake. In between the lenses water filled up. Now there is a hase. it is taking almost 24 hours to get it away. there is somethin u don't wanna do.
BoNuzBalling Is a Crime

03 cocker. (black)
Freak barrel 14in. whole kit. (black)
Warped sportz drop. now--- ( Kapp Dropzone cradle with on/off) (black)
Richocet 2k0 hopper. (black)
Dye 70/4500 Peanut tank.
Ans Jackhammer Reg (chrome)
Bomb 3way (chrome)
Kapp F.A.T ram (chrome)
Ergo reg. (black)
E-Blade (chrome) Ummm
Kapp 15 degree ASA (chrome)
Free flow internals and bolt (delrin)
And I love it!!!

MidMan Team WTF
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