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Field Name: C&S Outfitters Paintball Field
Location: Kamuela, Big Island. Next to "Byrds Audio"
hours of operation: Sundays, 8am- Whenevers!
contact number: (808) 885-5005, ask for D'armon
Type of field: Speedball field
Air Fills: Co2, N2
Entry Fee: $10.00 All Day
Website: None

**You'll find lots a number of more experienced newbies/intermediate players here. Bring your own paint, or buy your own paint @ the field, it's up to you. Good spectator viewing. Not worth going if it's raining, field gets hella muddy, no place for players to take cover under shelter. Suggest that you bring your own pipe tent if you have a large team or group. last time i played there boosted fills are not available. APL Certified.
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