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Old 11-27-2009, 07:37 AM   #1
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SP-1 problems...long

Hello folks. I am new to posting here, but have been reading the very helpful information on these forums for over a year. Thank you for all of the information.

I am pasting my SP-1 review into this thread and hoping that it maximizes the number of people that read about my experiences. I am not a troll, although I recognize that making a first post with negative comments may lead people to feel this way. Please feel free to ask questions if you wish, I would be happy to answer what I can.

My review:

I started this hobby with an A5 which I mostly liked, but I didn't like how it was such a gas hog. I especially disliked that as tanks became low, I would have to cycle the cyclone hopper manually with each ball. This was annoying to me and I found myself lusting for the SP-1 due to the reviews and the very convincing marketing videos on their site. The SP-1 arrived and I sold the A5 to a friend.
Unfortunately, this marker has not performed once in the field. Details to follow.
When I bought it in the spring, I test fired it and everything was great. I took it to my first game and it worked for about 1 hour and then stopped firing. If I waited 30 seconds, the gun would fire a few more shots and then "freeze" again. I was running CO2 with a remote line. I borrowed a buddies marker and continued to play.
After getting home, I contacted tech support who immediately chalked this problem up to bad solenoid. They said it was a known issue on some markers. I returned it to them, on my dime, and they repaired it and had it back to me within 10 days which include shipping in both directions. Not bad for time and very accommodating overall. I test fired the marker and it seemed fine.
Fast forward to the next time in the field a few months later (I don't play too much). I pulled the marker out of the bag and pressed the button to turn it on. The button fell under the housing. It become stuck in a depressed position and the marker would not turn on. I borrowed a friends marker and played.
When I got home I called tech support and they told me that I could fix this myself. They were very nice and I was able to make the fix, but I was now starting to wonder if I made a good decision about dumping the A5. I brought the button back to decent working order, although it was still a bit "crunchy" to turn on and off. Still, the marker was functioning and so I was thinking that this would be fine.
Fast forward to last week, which was the third time bringing this marker into the field. I took the marker out of the bag thinking to myself that I hope it works this time. I turned it on and fired a few shots - terrific. Sigh of relief. I celebrated too soon. That was it. No more shots came out. The marker fired 4 balls total and then started "freezing" in exactly the same manner it did during my first outing. This is embarrasing now. I borrowed my friends marker for the third time (thank goodness he always brings two) and played.
So the marker has not worked in the field one time. To make matters worse, Smart Parts will only repair the marker again, not replace it. I have had numerous exchanges with a manager at Smart Parts, all very friendly and he was, in fact, very nice to deal with. Ultimately though, they will just continue to fix the marker and not do anything else for me.
I understand that this is their policy, but I feel taken advantage of because I paid 174.95 for the marker plus shipping it to them and I still have a broken marker. Now I will ship it a second time, on my dime, and hope it works when I get it back. I just want to sell the darn thing and be rid of it, but it will be at my loss because I essentially have a refurbished unit to sell which ultimately cost me MORE than the brand new unit due to shipping it for repair. Smart Parts will not exchange the SP-1 for a new unit under any circumstances. I would take a loss on the new unit too because of repair shipping, but at least I could sell it for retail (hopefully) to minimze the loss.
These circumstances do not feel consumer friendly. I would emphasize caution to any person considering this marker. I do understand that numerous users have an SP-1 and have had no trouble. That has not been my experience. I think I received a lemon, which isn't the end of the world, but since Smart Parts refuses to exchange it, I am stuck. This is lousy.

End Review.

I am really not looking for people to help me troubleshoot the current problem with this marker. I cannot live with it. The tech folks have urged me to try a fresh battery to see if that fixes the firing issue. Admittedly, I have not done that yet (although the battery I was using was relatively new energizer) and it very well may work, but I still need to send it back to get the button functioning like new in order to feel comfortable selling the unit. So I guess I don't mind posting about my issues before trying the battery...

Thanks for reading.
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Old 11-27-2009, 07:58 AM   #2
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Feeling a bit guilty for posting without at least trying a fresh battery like the technician recommended, I just went out to try it. I don't want my own credibility to be low for sounding close minded. I fought the button for about 15 seconds to get it to turn on...

The gun still would not fire on a new energizer. No shots. After getting the gun back inside and removing the battery, about 45 seconds later, I heard the blow off valve hiss. Okay, maybe I'm getting CO2 into the marker and not knowing it.

I tried it again, keeping the CO2 bottle and the gun vertical to ensure no CO2 liquid was getting in. The CO2 charged the gun as normal, but it still didn't fire a shot. Usually, if CO2 gets into the marker it is after at least a few shots and normally the gun is pointing down. That is what the video on the Smart Parts web site shows too.

Removing the bottle and battery caused the blow off to hiss a second time about 45 seconds later.

I will report this to the tech department before sending it back to them, but the gun is simply not working.
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Old 11-29-2009, 05:14 PM   #3
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Location: long island
Wow man Im sorry to hear all that. Ive never had a problem with mine.....maybe just a bad marker from the factory. They should definitely repalce the marker for you.
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Old 11-29-2009, 07:20 PM   #4
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could perhaps be something your doing wrong. Make sure the gun is on CO2 setting. If its set to compressed air it wont fire with co2, and may blow the solenoid. If solenoid does go bad though it will leak so thats very noticable.

If you have any problems lmk and Ill try and think of a solution or help best I can.
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Old 11-30-2009, 07:48 AM   #5
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Hi, Keifer.

I have a SP1 with no problem at all.
I also had an A5. In fact I still have it.

The first thing you must have in mind is that the markers are different. The A5 is a mechanical one. The SP1 is a electropneumatic. It demands different care and settings.

The hiss after 45 sec in the SP1 is normal. Even after removing the tank from the marker it is still pressurized due to the regulator (not as in the A5). The hiss is the marker relieving this gas after it turns off for some time.

A few things could be wrong (already tested?):

- bad battery : just replace with a new one.
Keep in mind that even new batteries may not be good.
I use rechargeable ones so I had no trouble at all.

- Liquid CO2 : repeating fire may cause liquid CO2 to enter the regulator. A short break until it unfreeze is normal...
Avoid bursts in the beginning.

- As AmbushOrign mentioned, check the CO2/Air Setting. The default is CO2. You can check the manual on how to do this.

- Although obvious, did you try to turn the regulator screw? If it it is all closed, it won't fire. I had this problem the first time...

- Some cares before using it (too late?)
1) Always turn on the SP1 before screwing the tank;
2) Before pressurizing, turn the regulator to the lower pressure (speed) setting. Some people mentioned risk of blowing the internals (tubes, solenoid) if you donīt do so.

The on/off button is really an issue. I never had a problem with it but I read a post of a guy who took a shot on it ant started to have problems.

I never contact Smart Parts so I cantītell about their support.
But as a Tippmann owner I can tell Tippmann manuals are far better and they are very helpful to replace parts.
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Old 12-01-2009, 01:50 PM   #6
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Hello everyone, thanks for the replies.

Couple of thoughts:

Through the course of this problem, I did check all of the items mentioned here, including dwell settings, batteries and regulator. I will admit, however, I did not check the regulator on this last failure - only the first one. Still, it did fire four shots normally, before ceasing to fire all together.

I can't confirm or deny the liquid CO2 getting into the gun. The blow off valve hissed on this last failure in the same manner it would if CO2 entered, but I never held the gun down. On the second try, I was careful to keep tank and gun vertical to ensure no CO2 entered. The gun charged, did not fire at all, then the blow off valve hissed. It is like it is clogged or something.

Kinda makes me wish I checked that regulator again before shipping it out today. Still, the power button was a mess so it needed to get serviced anyhow.

I guess my main issue is not what the problem is, but rather that it continues to have any problems at all. A gun with less that 1000 balls through it should not have any solenoid issues, power switch issues, clogging, freezing, or whatever other issue it has. I think that the purchase was a mistake because I don't want to have to baby it (although I was really good to it), go through some special procedure to get it operational, fiddle with the regulator every time, etc...

I think it should simply work. If it doesn't, it should be replaced with one that does. I have given this marker a shot and it is not working out. Today I spent another $13 on shipping that I feel I should not have to spend.

Smart Parts will not yield and that is unfortunate. They will lose my business due to this.

Still, I would urge others to consider that, based on my research and folks resonding here, many SP-1 markers are functioning perfectly. I seem to be in the minority. Also, they have been very communicative, if that is a word. The tech department has responded professionally to all of my emails and they are very willing to do whatever it takes to make my gun work. They just won't give me an exchange...

I received a new Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT. It worked perfectly in testing and I can't wait to take it out to play. All I need is reliable and I hope the 98 proves better.
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Old 12-09-2009, 04:16 AM   #7
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SP fixed the marker. They properly installed the power button and found no firing issues. This makes me nervous. It's like taking your car in for repair, but the mechanic can't replicate the problem...

They then tried to charge me for return shipping. Dear Lord, let this nonsense end. I called them trying to remain calm. They were, once again, spectacularly nice and immediately paid for the shipping.

When the marker comes back I will test it and we will see...
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