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**What to look for when purchasing a mask**

What To Look For In A Mask


One of the very important things to consider when purchasing a mask is," Is it comfortable?". A mask that is not comfortable for you is not a mask you want to purchase. If you do not find a mask comfortable, that can take away from the fun you have on the field. Would you wear shoes that weren't comfortable? How about a shirt that was 3 sizes too small or too big? That's the way a mask is, if it's not the right size, it won't be comfortable on you. Different people have different size heads. If a friend tells you to go get a certain mask because its really comfortable on him, ask him if you can try on his first. This way you know that what you are buying is going to fit you. If it doesn't fit right, then you just saved yourself time and money. There is no reason to ever buy a mask that you have never at least tried before.


One of the things that makes the difference between a great mask and a mediocre one is the range of visibility. This includes fogging and the size degree of vision. A good mask will normally include a thermal lens. Most thermal lenses are two lenses that are connected. This keeps the air in the pocket between the lenses at the same temperature as the air around it. This is demonstrated on car windows. On some mornings, when you go outside, you will see that the windows of your car are all fogged up. This is because the temperature inside is different from the temperature outside. This is prevented with a thermal lens. One thing to remember though, is when you put your mask on make sure that you do not have any space between the padding and your face. If the outside air gets in it will cause fogging and fogging is bad. The Thermal lens for masks like V-Force are not the same as others. They have a special coating on them that prevents fogging instead of the normal double lens approach.


Not sure if that’s a word but what the heck. One thing some people look for in a mask is the material is made of and if they will be able to get bounces off of it. In paintball if you get hit in the mask you are out, no question. But with some masks (like the JT ProFlex) There are parts of the mask that is soft. When a paintball hits these soft spots it is less likely to break. Some people may think that it is not a big deal but others find it very important.

**Lens Changing**

This is another thing some players do not find important. For others this is crucial. There are some masks out there that are a pain when it comes to changing lens. There are others that are extremely easy. An example of this is the V-Force line of masks. They have a quick-change lens system that allows you to change lens very quickly. So if you ever have a problem with your mask it will only take you a very short time to change your lens, which could mean the difference between playing or sitting out for a game on the sidelines.


Another very thing to consider when buying a mask is the looks. Now this is definitely an opinion on the buyer’s part so not much can be said about this, but you will want to pick out a mask that you think looks good. In today’s paintball world, looks are very important. All the new gear that comes out is made to look different from before so the company can appeal to more players. So when choosing a mask get something that you think looks good. No one wants to have to wear a mask they think doesn’t look good.


This is the big factor in buying a mask, “How much does it cost?” Not everyone has $100 to spend on a mask, but with patience you can find a mask for you with the money you have to spend, unless you have no money that is.My advice to anyone buying a mask is this, don’t rush into buying one, save your money and get something that will last you awhile and doesn’t fog on you. It is well worth the wait for a good mask. Don’t settle for a mask that will not fit you correctly, fog, and be an all-around nuisance. The mask is the most important part of your gear, don’t be cheap when buying it.

All of these are things to consider when buying a mask. As said before, the mask is the most important part of your gear, it is the only thing protecting your eye from a 300fps paintball. When you buy a mask, make sure that it is something that you like and not something you got because your friend told you to. I hope that this guide will help you if you are in the market for a new mask.

If you see anything that you feel should be changed, fell free to drop me a Private message and I will look into it

Play Hard,


Thanks to Teufelhunden for the "Bouncability" Idea and lens changing.......
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Good job! If anyone's got any ideas of what to add, PM penny or I and we'll see about it.
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