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These days...
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Official Position information Thread

So...your wondering what position you should play for your team eh? Well wait no further! Just read what i have to say and many other people do. Lets get started.

I will be listing the general ideas and basics of what each position does. You members may add some stuff i didn't cover.

Front Players
Well, Front players are very important in the game. They are the ones that have to push up and eliminate the other team. They're main priority is to get the flag, and nothing more. The front players should listen to what the back and the mid players too.
To have this position, you should be a quick sprinter, you should be able to hide, and you should have to listen to your team. Front players aren't just there to look around and see whats going on. They only shoot when they need to.
When playing front, off the break you should sprint to the bunker you are going to, and it should be at least at the 40. No need to shoot off the break, your back players will help you out, and some of the mid players. When in your bunker, You should get as tight in as you can. You want to do this because there is an area called dead zone.
The dead zone is where there are open spots where people can hit you. The further back you are, the more dead zone is created for you.
The front players shouldn't be worried about people pounding on your bunker with paint. They are more worried about you than you should be about them. The front players should also have to bunker people. Now it may seem a bit easy, but its not. Bunkering, you must be quick enough to run up and shoot your opponent, and get into cover without being shot. Snap shooting is also very important. This is a skill that takes a lot of practice. You should also learn how to shoot offhand. These skills should help you a lot if you practice them.

Mid Players
Now i have some experience with being a mid player. Mid players are not that important in the game, but you still should have some on your team. They are pretty much back players, but up further. Mid players should work on front player skills too because mid players should replace an eliminated front player. They also call out some positions and help cover the front players.
They mainly need to eliminate players or keep players in their bunkers until the front players make their move. Most mid players don't need to shoot very fast, but you should at least have a decent gun to keep a player in. Their job is also pretty much to take care of your front players because front players are vital to the game.
So whenever a front player moves up, you should replace his spot. If a front player is eliminated, look at where he got shot and move that way.
Off the break, it IS ok if you shoot off the break. You don't need to though. Just letting a few balls loose on the break is good enough, but just remember to get to your bunker. Mid players can move up to the front at any time if they want to, but they should only do this if a front player is calling for help.
Mid players should learn how to shoot offhand and they should know how to use their position to their advantage. Mid players are usually at the 30 or the 40.

Back Players
Back players are a must on a team, just like front players. They have to babysit the whole team by covering, calling out positions, shooting FAST, keeping players in, holding off the other team, and things like that. A fast gun is a MUST for this position. shooting fast is what you need for covering teammates, keeping people in, and shooting off the break.
Make sure your loaded w/ paint, because your gonna be using a lot for this position. You should have, at a minimum, of a 5+4 harness. Your gonna be droppin paint everywhere.
Now off the break, shoot at everything that moves on the other side of the field. You should shoot fast and slowly walk to your bunker in the back. Always, and i mean, ALWAYS keep your eyes on the game. Never take your eyes off the game for one second. You have to do this because players could move up without you noticing, and your front players could get out very quickly.
Covering your front players and calling out positions is the main priority for the back players. Offhand shooting will be useful, but you wont need to practice this move too much. Once in a while would be good enough. Don't be afraid to double-up with a fellow back player in pretty small bunker. You both can cover each others sides and your team will be strong on that side. A lot of teams double up they're back players in bunkers, because its a really good idea.

Well thats about it for me. If you think i skipped anything, feel free to post the things i missed.
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