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HALO-B vs eVLution II (Y-Board)

Well, my house is covered with an inch of ice, so I can't go anywhere, and I just got off the phone with Odyssey Paintball, so I figured I'd do what I had been threatening to do.

I used to be a staunch HALO-B supporter, but after using and owning more than 4, I turned to EvoIIs. I am going to try and present everything in an un-baised format as I can.


  • Feedrate of 22bps
  • Constant spring pressure on the balls, for instantaneous feeding before the hopper actually activates
  • Very tough shells, made of high-quality polycarbonate
  • Standard hopper shape - Aesthetically pleasing

  • Holds roughly 165 paintballs
  • Feedneck is intentionally designed too large, so before you play, you must spend time sanding down the feedneck to fit your feedtube. I suggest using a dremel tool, sandpaper takes far too long.
  • Push Button On/Off - To turn on, push the button once. (button press must be between 0.2 and 1 sec.) To turn off, hold the button until the LED illuminates red, then let go.

  • Requires 6 AA batteries to work. This contributes a significant amount of weight to the hopper, in addition to being rather expensive. Now, to those of you who (like me) wanted to cut costs by using NiMH Rechargeables... DON'T. HALO-B Loaders require fully charged batteries, with an output voltage of 1.5V (each) to even function normally. NiMH and NiCD Rechargeables have a rough 1.2V output, so sometimes your HALO-B will turn on, other times it won't, other times it'll just shut off in the middle of a tournament (speaking from experience). To emphasize this - HALO-Bs are extremely picky on batteries, always have 6 brand new AAs on hand.
  • The battery cover is held in by a screw. This requires that you have a smallish screwdriver on hand with those extra 6 AAs. This gets rather irritating, having to spend over a minute just messing with your loader's batteries (at the least).
  • Battery pack only fits in one way, and it's not apparent which way it fits. You have to keep reorienting it until it fits in enough for the battery cover to fit snugly, so your screw doesn't cross-thread and ruin your shells. Once you know how to do this, it's fine, but until then, (and sometimes you have to fiddle with it even when you DO know) you need to fiddle with it until it works.
  • The HALO-B has a very powerful motor and feeding device. This results in double-feeds on nearly all guns unless they have special "HALO-B" ball detents. This nearly eliminates the need for a fast loader if you're still going to chop, BECAUSE of the loader.
  • The HALO-B won't work well (or at all) with dark paint. This includes (but is not limited to) half-black shelled paint, black shelled paint, and black or dark swirled paint.
  • Pretty heavy when unloaded. When fully loaded, it is within a few ounces of how much an EvoII (fully loaded) weighs, though the EvoII can hold 45 more paintballs.

Customer Service, Warranty and Response Time:
Odyssey used to have excellent customer service, and excellent warranty, and less than a week turnaround.

Then National Paintball Supply bought Odyssey.

Now, they are impossible to get a hold of, so you just send in your HALO-B with all your info to their address. I sent in 3 HALO-Bs exactly 3 weeks ago today, and I just now got a call back from Odyssey. The agent who called me was not only surly, but he acted as if I had the intelligence of a fence post. He was rude, not helpful, and though I am a pretty calm person, able to take a lot of abuse, I had plenty of urges to reach across the line and slap this guy back into the Stone Age. Their warranties suck. 90 days for electronics (don't you expect your $115 loader to last longer than 3 months??) and 1 full year for plastics (shells, etc.).

For the price and all the hoops you must jump through, this definitely is not the way to go. But, as one of my best friends, said, "when HALOs work, they work well, and they are nearly unstoppable."

I came back and said, "Yeah, let me know when that happens more than once every two or three weeks."

Some people have had excellent times with HALO-Bs, but I think that I can have a fairly good idea how they work under pressure, having taken my experiences into account, as well as all of my teammates, and several of the Bonebrake Factory players, and some other Bonebrake sponsored teams. Essentially, I had the benefit of 15 or more experienced players using HALO-Bs.

eVLution II with Y-Board

  • Feedrate exceeding 19bps (PaintballCOW shot 23bps using a Bonebrake Signature Series Bushmaster)
  • Very tough shells, made out of high quality polycarbonate
  • Easy to use toggle switch, in a recessed slot, so it doesn't get bumped.
  • Economical on the batteries. I have shot over 9 cases through mine so far, and I'm still on my same original two batts.
  • Easy to change batteries - The battery compartment is accessible without using a screwdriver, but it still holds the batteries secure. The EvoII also comes with a battery spacer, since 9V batteries differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so sometimes it's necessary to insert that spacer to ensure a tight fit. I've never needed mine, but it's nice to know that I would have that if I ever did.
  • Does NOT require special ball detents just to work with your gun. The EvoII does not double feed unless your detents just plain suck

  • Holds 195 paintballs.
  • The Lid - Some people view this as a con, I view it as a pro. It opens downward, and locks into place at the bottom. This is so it will act as a funnel when you're pouring in paint. I just know that it's easy to use, and easy to shut. When you've dumped your pod, just hit the lid (you have to know when you hit it) or squeeze the sizes, and it'll snap shut. Even if it doesn't snap all the way shut, the springs will hold it "closed" so no balls will fall out.
  • The Egg Shape - It's becoming more and more prominent, so I wouldn't really say that it's odd anymore. Much as it looks like it would increase your profile, it really isn't much higher than the HALO-B. The feedneck, in addition, can be cut down for ultra-low profile, and for those of you with no-rise bodies.
  • Segmented - The Raceway (feedneck), Lid, Battery Cover, Right and Left Shells are all separate, so that if any ONE of those breaks, you can easily and cheaply replace them without having to buy a full new set of shells. (PaintballFirst eBay or PaintballFirst) For instance, if you break the feedneck on a HALO-B... you're out of $30-35 just to replace that.
  • Farther Back Profile - This allows you to be closer to the bunker without your hopper hitting the bunker. You can essentially stick more of your barrel out of the bunker before your hopper limits this movement.
  • Lid needs to be broken in. When you first get your hopper, practice opening and closing the lid several dozen times, until you have the hang of it, and it's smooth. When I got my first EvoII, it was very stiff for the first 4-6 times. After than it was much smoother. You may, if you desire, lightly sand down the ridges at the top and bottom of the lid to make it easier, but be careful. If you oversand, then you may not be able to keep your hopper lid open.

  • Doesn't keep a constant pressure on the balls. This means that, for the first 3/hundredths of second (0.03 sec) or less, the ball will be fally purely on based on gravity. However, the feedneck sensor is very quick and notices movement before the first ball has fallen even half of the distance down the feedtube (which is a mere 0.03 second), and it'll activate the motor and spin at a rate of 19bps (or more). So, when you're shooting fairly consistently or in a string, the loader will feed at 19bps, but for that first fraction of a second, it's slower.
  • Feedneck has shown to be weaker than it really should. I personally have had no problems, nor have any of my friends, but I have sold several EvoII feednecks (I manage a store), so I know that it's a slight problem.
  • Lids have a tendency to break. Once again, I (nor any of my friends) have had any problems, but I have sold a few lids as well.

Customer Service, Warranty and Response Time:
I have not personally dealt with them for Customer Service, and I still need to look up the specifics of their warranty. However, I asked someone to tell me about their impression when recently calling VL. He said that he was placed on hold for approx 15 minutes, then he talked to a rep, who, while he was a nice, easy-to-talk-to guy, wasn't he MOST informed that he could have been. He did, however, get his problem solved (well, he got pointed in the right direction to get his hopper fixed), so I could that as pretty good customer service.

Best loader for your money, hands down. This loader retails around $72.99 for black, a full $40 cheaper than the HALO-B. This loader is less fussy, holds more balls, doesn't require special ball detents just to work with your gun.
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