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Viking/Excalibur FAQ

Q) What is the difference between a Excal and a Viking?
A) The major difference between the two is the method in which they fire. The Excal fires in the closed bolt position, and the Viking will fire in the open bolt. Because of this, the Viking will fire faster then the Excal. The Excal can run a lower lpr pressure, and people say this makes the gun feel more "smooth".

Q) Where can I still get a Viking/Excal
A) www.darkviking.com has a complete store listing if you're looking to buy new. If you don't mind purchasing a used viking, they can be found in the AKA specific B/S/T forum on paintball nation. Link

Q) What kind of barrel threads do Vikings/Excals have?
A) They use cocker threaded barrels.

Q) What kind of feed neck threading does the viking have?
A) AKA feed tube threading. This is the same feedtube threads used by the MacDev Cyborg.

Q) How do I maintain my Viking/Excalibur?
A) All external and internal moving parts should be lubricated using a light synthetic oil only. Oil can be added by placing a few drops in the input quick disconnect on the Sidewinder regulator and then dry firing the gun. A few drops should also be placed on the bolt. This should be done every time you play.

Recommended lubricants: Extreme-lube from AKALMP or Palmer Pursuits paintball gun oil.

Under no circumstances should you use Vaseline, WD-40, Grease of any kind (ie. NO DOW 33), Engine Oil, 3-in-1, gun oils, and any similar oils. If you have a question about the type of paintball gun oil you are using e-mail AKA.

Q) How do I adjust my 3 point trigger?
A) Here is a PDF file with pictures on adjusting the trigger. You need adobe acrobat to read it. Adjusting The Trigger

Q) What gun shoots further, the Viking or the Excal?
A) Both guns will shoot the same distance. Also, both guns will shoot along the same parabolic curve. This holds true for every paintball gun in existance. All paintball guns will shoot the same distance if they are cronoed at the same speed.

Q)My Nelson board went dumb!! HELP!!!
A) Nelson boards can be reprogrammed. However, once a Nelson board goes dumb, it will keep going dumb. Unless you own a data cable, it is in your best interest to get the was board. You can contact Nelson at http://www.nelassoc.com and ask about his warrenty.

Q) What is the difference between a 03 and a 04 viking?
A) Same side, dual ball detent
3/8's of a pound lighter than the '03
Shorter in length
SCM comes standard
Relocated on/off switch
Shorter bolt
Bodies are milled for eye wiring

Q) If I order a new Viking from XXX what will it come with?
A) Typically the gun will come with a WAS or Pandora board, an AKA gun bag, and a bottle of lube, no eyes, no covers. If ordering from a place that offers a loaded version, then it typically will include eyes and covers.

Q) Where can I get eyes and covers?
A) Eyes- www.wickedairsportz.com
Covers – www.jmjconcepts.com
Both – www.dbnpaintball.com

Q) Is there any place that will upgrade my old Viking to get Pandora and eyes?
A) DBN paintball currently offers a “Blue Plate Special” that will upgrade the gun. The cost includes milling the body for eyes, the board, the eyes, the covers, servicing the gun, install, and return shipping. Their site is www.dbnpaintball.com .

Q) How fast will a Viking shoot?
A) Was board no eyes - 13
Pandora board no eyes - 20
Was/Pandora board with eyes - unlimited
Nelson board (stock) - 13
Nelson board (max) - 30.3

Q) What upgrades do I need out of the box?
A) None. The first thing you should invest in is a new barrel. Then a fast force fed loader such as the halo b, or evolution 2 with z board.

Q) How can I solve my FSDO problem?
A) If you are using the new solenoids, then run your dwell at 12. If you are using a MAC solenoid, then run it at 15. Also put a new battery in the gun. If you are still having any problems, send your Was board into AKA to have it modded, download the latest Was upgrade, or replace your Was board with the Pandora board.

Q) How many shots can I get out of my tank?
A) With a 68/45 tank expect about a case. On a 45/45 expect about 1300.

Q) Is the Javelin (stock) a good barrel? What size is it?
A) Although the Javelin is a decent barrel, many people upgrade their barrel to a longer size. The Javelin is 2 different bore sizes and both are 12 inches long. Javelins with one row of porting holes are .684. The newer ones with four rows of holes are .687.

Q) What is the lightest Viking?
A) The Destructive Custom Viking is the lightest Viking available.

Q) Are their any other custom vikings?
A) Yes, there are several. The JMJ Featherlite, Highlander, Crusader, Immortal, and Streamline

Q) Will stripping the anno on my Viking void my warranty?
A) Yes, it will, if your viking has the standard Type III anno. If you want a custom annoed Viking, call order a raw Viking from AKA.

Q) Where can I get my Viking milled and anno'ed?
A) Anodizing:
• PkSelective - http://www.pkselective.com/
• Ano Tech - http://atmf.com
• Imperial Paintball - http://www.imperialpaintball.com
• Jackal Machine - http://www.jackalmachine.com/anodizing.html

• Jackal Machine - http://www.jackalmachine.com/milling.html
• Destructive Customs - gliniak63@charter.net - Call: 413-883-4389

Q) My Viking is double feeding, what can I do to fix this?
A) Try bending out the ball detent so that it sticks into the breech more. However don’t bend it too much, as this will cause the ball to be sliced in half.

Q) Can you run a Viking off of CO2?
A) Although you can, it is highly recommended to get Nitrogen or Compressed Air. If your going to use CO2, use a remote, an anti-siphon bottle, and/or a female inline reg, to make sure no liquid gets into the gun.

Q) Should I get a LP or a HP nitrogen tank for my Viking?
A) Although a LP tank will have some benefits, it isn’t necessary. If you plan on buying a new tank, then I recommend getting a LP as it does have benefits over the HP.

Q) If I buy a gun from (company name here) will it be drilled for the eyes?
A) Unless a company is selling a used or very old gun, then it is safe to assume that the gun will come predrilled for eyes.

Q) Are there any upgrades available for my Viking?
A) DBN paintball carries a lot of aftermarket parts for Vikings. Their website is www.dbnpaintball.com. These upgrades include various triggers and clamping rises.

Q) Is it possible to put a different frame on my viking?
A) Yes. Any Matrix frame can be modded by puddlegum over on PBN or Tarantula Paintball (http://www.tarantulamfg.com/). Tarantuala also sells a very nice vert frame/space frame clone with a built in snatch grip that will fit any viking/excal.

Q) What kinds of triggers are available for my Viking?
A) There currently is, The JMJ Razorblade, Double Razorblade, Froth’s Frothblade, AKA double trigger, AKA blade trigger, Slingblade, and Double slingblade.

Q) How do I program my WAS board?
A) complete Was programming guide

Anymore questions? Leave them here and i'll answer them to the best of my abilities, or you can ask AKA directly.

Phone: (317)-631-7200
Fax: (317)-631-0325
E-mail: akapp@akalmp.com

PO Box 441167
Indianapolis, IN 46244-1167

16 South Keystone Ave
Indianapolis IN, 46201

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