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Palmer Glossary

Confused by some weird terms used here at the Palmer Owner Group? Look for the word and definition here. Thanks to Craig Palmer for his help and time given, to for his aid with several Blazer terms, and to all who have helped in providing suggestions.

Air Source Adapter. Where air supply is installed.

Automation Timing
Setting on closed-bolt semi-automatic 'guns. Sets the order and time of the necessary operations (firing, cocking, feeding, and loading.) Usually very sensitive.

Ball Detent or Détente
C-Shaped metal piece with a Delrin (plastic) ball at one end. Attached to 'gun forward of direct-feed. Used to keep paintball in place while chambering or when in mid stroke. Keeps more than one paintball from entering the barrel while the bolt is back.

One of Palmer's pump-guns. Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Very simple.

Battle Grips
Grips that come stock with all Palmer 'guns with Sheridan (Palmer) grip/trigger frames. (Blazers have "PPS Grips".)

L-shaped white plastic piece inside all Palmer semi-automatic grip/trigger frames. Pushed by the Timing Rod to lift (and operate) the 4-Way Valve. Also called "Monkey Arm."

Palmer's newest semi-automatic 'gun. Lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum body, brass barrel and WGP Sniper grip/trigger frame.

Component of 'gun used to direct gas to fire a chambered paintball.

Bolt Connecting Pin
Adjustable screw at bottom of bolt. Used to cock back hammer.

Blazer component. Aluminum. Connects Ram to Q-Pin. Also has Bolt Connecting Pin at bottom to operate Hammer. Can be nickel-plated.

Constant Air. An air supply that allows for large amounts of gas to be stored.

First semi-automatic paintball gun ever made. Built by Glenn Palmer in September, 1988. Glenn's personal 'gun. Not produced for sale to public.

Classic Typhoon
Dual-Bottle Typhoon usually with several additions, such as louvered fore-grips, special nickel finishes, extra nickel-plating, etc. Built from scratch only. Nickel-plated brass body.

Connecting Arm
Black metal L-shaped piece on Palmer Typhoons, Nasty Typhoons and Hurricanes. Connects Pneumatic Ram to Bolt.

Craig Palmer
Son of Glenn Palmer. Currently does all custom work and finalizes every Typhoon, Stroker and Hurricane. POG 013. Email: cpalmer4@concentric.net

Cup Seal
Pneumatic seal inside 'gun valves. Can be replaced.

Type of valve on all Palmer 'guns. Requires Sheridan Valve Tool to remove.

4-Way Collar
Metal ring to keep Palmer 4-Way Valve in place.

4-Way Valve
Component of 'gun inside grip/trigger frame. Cylinder with three (3) ports on side. First (top) port is to the rear port of ram. Second (middle) port is to the regulator. Third (bottom) port is to the forward port of ram.

Glenn Palmer
Founder of Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Inventor of the pneumatic-automation system and others. Now Management and Research & Development. Also does PPS repairs. POG 001. Email: wesplat@cris.com

Gas Supply Receiver. Where air supply is installed. Same as an Air Source Adapter.

Metal cylindrical piece (two-cylinders put together) that strikes the valve.

One of Palmer's pump-guns. With direct-feed and ASA. Nickel-plated brass body.

One of Palmer's semi-automatic 'guns. With wooden stock. Nickel-plated brass body.

Mechanism used to pierce 12-gram CO2 cartridges instantly in many Palmer pump-guns.

Keeper of the List. Currently Phranc LeBlanc, POG 006. Email: phranc@theoffice.net

Launch Tube


Linkage Arm
See "Connecting Arm"

Low-pressure. Refering to gas-source systems that can operate at lower pressures.

Spring in lower receiver to propel hammer forward. Also called the Hammer Spring.

Barrel that has been precision tuned by Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Comes standard on all Palmer 'guns except Blazers. Blazer barrels can be matched also at an additional cost.

Nasty Typhoon
Dual barrel Typhoon. Built from scratch only. Nasty Hurricanes, pumps and others are also available. Available in "Side by Side" or "Over and Under" barrel configurations. Nickel-plated brass body.

Over Pressure Relief Valve
Mechanism on Regulator to prevent extreme over-pressurization. If Regulator pressure is too great, it vents to relieve itself. After resetting, pressure is set to normal operating pressure.

One of Palmer's pump-guns. With wooden stock. Nickel-plated brass body.

One of Palmer's pump-guns. With direct-feed and QuikSilver system. Nickel-plated brass body.

Palmer Bottom-Line
Bottom-Line system available from Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Does not require Universal Mounting Bracket to be installed on Sheridan (Palmer) grip/trigger frames.

Description of any non-Palmer 'gun modified by Palmer's Pursuit Shop.

PMI Rubber Grips
Grips that fit Sheridan (Palmer) grip/trigger frames. One piece, soft rubber.

Palmer Owner Group

Palmer's Pursuit Shop.

Trigger job available from Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Lightens and shortens trigger. Does not void warranty.

One of Palmer's pump-guns. Small, compact sidearm with 10-ball magazine, 8-inch barrel and 12-gram gas source (on-gun.) Stock-class legal. Nickel-plated brass body.

Pump Kit
Kit from Palmer's Pursuit Shop including a new bolt, pump arm and fore-grip. Makes semi-automatic Typhoons into pump-action 'guns. Conversion is reversible.

Blazer component. Brass knob on bolt used to quick-stripping. Can be nickel-plated.

Auto-Trigger mechanism on certain Palmer pump-guns. Fires every time 'gun is pumped with trigger already depressed.

Pneumatic ram designed by Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Stainless-steel. Smoother and stronger than the Clippard Ram. Can be used on WGP Autocockers and other closed-bolt 'guns using pneumatic rams.

First CO2 12-gram quick changer. Built by Glenn Palmer in August, 1987.

System on Palmer pump-guns for fast bolt-removal.

New 4-way valve on all new Palmer semi-automatic 'guns. Smoother and shorter action. Can be added to WGP Autocockers and most other closed-bolt 'guns using 4-way valves.

Ram Bushing
Blazer component. Small brass nut on Pneumatic Ram. The Ram Arm/Piston moves through it. Can be nickel-plated.

Ram (Pneumatic Ram)
Component powered by gas to move bolt forward and backwards. Makes the 'gun semi-automatic.

See "Regulator"

Component of 'gun used to regulate or control gas flow/pressure to the Pneumatic Ram. Most are adjustable.

Rock Regulator
Palmer's well-known Regulator. Can be used on almost all closed-bolt 'guns. Used in Palmer semi-automatic 'guns. Compact version is called the "Mini-Rock." Can be adjusted with 3/16 " Allen (HEX) key or "Rock Knob" adjuster.

Metal ledge at the top of the grip/trigger frame (internal) pushed down when trigger is depressed. Used to release Hammer when ready to fire.


Not pressing trigger completely down or not allowing trigger to fully return forward. Does not allow semi-automatic Palmer 'guns to fully cycle often resulting in a misfire or broken paintball.

Sight Hood
Brass ring attached to sight rails. Used as a quick sight on many 'guns. Available only at Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Can be nickel-plated and with straight or angled cuts.

Spiral Venting
Porting holes in a spiral pattern on some Palmer 'guns. Must be requested.

Palmer's Pursuit Shop's secondary Regulator. Available in Inline, Vertical (Male), Female and Side-Line (for Automags.) Female Stabilizers can be mounted by a Block Mount (aluminum) or a Ring Mount (steel.)

One of Palmer's semi-automatic 'guns. Only converted from existing pump-gun (Sheridan or PMI.) Nickel-plated brass body.

One of Palmer's semi-automatic 'guns. Small, compact sidearm with 8-ball magazine and 12-gram gas source (on-gun.) Nickel-plated brass body.

Super Stocker
One of Palmer's pump-guns. Stock-class with feed-tube and ASA (for 12-gram changer.) Nickel-plated brass body.

Blazer with Reactive-Trigger (RT) resulting in a much faster firing rate. Still experimental and is unreleased as of yet.

See "4-way Valve"

See "Automation Timing"

Timing Rod
See "Trigger Rod"
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