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All about Masks

All About Masks
Hopefully this thread will tell you everything you need to know about current masks.

High-End Masks

Dye Invision
Price- Around 80 Dollars
Colors- Comes in most colors, colors change in the vents and around the goggle.

Pros- The Invision is a very comfortable mask. I personally own one and love it. It breathes well and I have yet to have it fog on me. The lenses are very clear and durable and shouldn't scratch as long as you keep them fairly clean.

Cons- The Invision has a unique shape and leaves the lower part of your cheek and jawbone exposed. This creates some room for shots to hit your bear skin on your face, leaving a bruise. The Invision's lenses are also very hard to take off and change, but that's not usually too much of a problem for people. And of course, the price. Invisions are expensive.

Vforce Profiler
Price- Around $90
Colors- Comes in most colors, color changes on the cheek and temple section of the mask.

Pros- The Profiler is a very good mask. It's very comfortable to wear and offers a loose feel so that you barely know it's there, but it won't fall off. It protects your whole face, but doesn't add to your profile. It also breathes very well, and is cool and doesn't fog. It also offers a very wide range of vision. People with glasses will find that they fit well in this mask.

Cons- The Profiler is a very expensive mask, more expensive than almost all masks. I for one do not believe that the extra price you pay is worth it, but that's up to you to decide.

JT Pro Flex

Price- Around $55
Colors- Blue, Red, and Yellow. The color changes around the rim of the goggle.

Pros- The Pro Flex is the best mask for the money in my opinion. It's extremely comfortable, in fact I think it is the most comfortable mask on the market. It is vented very well, and the soft bottom portion of the mask allows you to roll it up for added ventilation and so that your voice can be heard better by your teammates. The lenses are fairly durable, and are very clear. I also have yet to see a Pro Flex fog. They offer good range of vision, not as good as some masks but better than most.

Cons- The lenses seem to scratch fairly easily, but that's the only downside to this mask.

Proto Switch

Price- Around $65
Colors- Black, red, yellow, and olive.

Pros- The Switch is made by Proto, a division of Dye. As you can always expect from Dye, the Switch is a nice mask. It offers very good ventilation and is fog free. It also offers middle of the line range of vision and good durability. The lenses are extremely easy to change, and it's a very comfortable mask. Unlike the Invision, it should cover your whole cheek area, which is a plus.

Cons- The Switch is a little expensive, but not as expensive as some high end masks. I don't really see anything else wrong with it.

JT Axiom FX-10
Price- Around $65
Colors- Silver, Gray

Pros- The Axiom lens is very easy to switch out, something that JT has been marketing a lot. It will not fog, and is fairly comfortable. It also has fairly good venting and a pretty good field of vision. It offers good all around protection, and the lenses are fairly durable.

Cons- You probably noticed me say fairly a lot during the Pros section, that's because the Axiom doesn't cut it compared to other high end masks. It's also very ugly IMO. That's not to say it's not a decent mask, but that your money could be better spent somewhere else.

JT Proteus
Price- Around $65
Colors- Purple, Gold, Blue, Black, Smoke

Pros- The Proteus is a very tight mask, with an extremely low profile. It's also fairly comfortable and has fairly good ventilation. You can buy a radio to put in it which is also a plus when trying to communicate on the field. The lenses are nice and offer a good field of vision, and are fairly durable. The Proteus accepts Spectra lenses, but they are fairly hard to change.

Cons- The Proteus has a very strange look, some people might like it but I for one do not. That's obviously up to you. It's a good all around mask, the only problem I have with it is the large visor which adds to your profile. It's also made out of a hard material, so you won't be getting any bounces off it.

Vforce Morph
Price- $65
Colors- Green, Black, Gun metal

Pros- The Morph is a nice mask, with a great field of vision. It's fog free and is comfortable to wear. It provides good protection and is fairly durable. People with glasses will find that their glasses will fit nicely in this mask.

Cons- Price. The Morph is overpriced when you compare it to the other masks in the price range. It just doesn't live up to the other masks with the same price. The ventilation is also probably the worst out of the high end masks.

Low End Masks

JT Spectra
Price- Around $35 for Thermal
Colors- Many colors, depends where you look

Pros- The Spectra is basically the little brother of the ProFlex. It offers similar performance for a cheaper price. Spectras are very well vented, and most of the time will not fog. They offer good protection and look the best of the low end masks in my opinion. They offer a good range of vision, similar to a Proflex, and are comfortable.

Cons- Considering the price, I can't think of any cons.

Vforce Armour
Price- Around $20
Colors- Black, Green

Pros- This mask is extremely cheap. The lenses are pretty durable for the price, and it's fairly comfortable. The lenses are also fairly easy to change. For the few months I had this mask it didn't fog up on me too much, so that's a plus.

Cons- The visor is very hard to put on and take off and can be a pain. Armours don't come with Thermal Lenses, so it will start fogging at some point in time. The ventilation is pretty bad and when you get to breathing hard all the hot air stays in the mask, making it extremely hot.

Vforce Shield
Price- Around $35
Colors- Green, black, yellow, gun metal

Pros- The Shield offers very good range of vision and good protection. The lenses are very good for the price and are durable. The Shield is pretty good about not fogging, and offers decent ventilation. It's a pretty comfortable mask also. People with glasses will find that they fit easily in this mask.

Cons- The Shield is made out of all hard material, so you won't be getting any bounces off it. Besides that, it's a very good mask for the price and doesn't have any more cons that I can think of.

Raven NVX
Price- Around $40
Colors- Blue, Olive, Red, Green, Silver, Gunmetal, Black

Pros- The NVX uses a new technology that allows the lens to change from clear to tinted depending on the strength of the sun. It's a pretty comfortable mask, and has pretty good ventilation. The lenses are clear and durable. You can switch out the foam in the mask to ensure it feels good on your face, which is another plus.

Cons- I think the NVX looks ugly myself, but again that's only my opinion. The NVX's field of vision isn't the best either, but those are really the only cons.

JT Nvader/Nforcer
Price- Around $20
Colors- Black

Pros- The Nvader is very cheap and offers good protection. That's about it.

Cons- The Nvader fogs very easily, is very uncomfortable, has a terrible field of vision, scratches easy, and is all around bad.

JT Headshield
Price- Around $30
Colors- Black

Pros- The Headshield offers added protection in the back of the head, and has a fair field of vision.

Cons- The Headshield is very uncomfortable, poorly vented, and fogs up easily. It also looks...goofy. IMO it looks like the Darth Vader helmet, you can decide that for yourself.

Game Face Skul
Price- Around $22
Colors- Black

Pros- The Skul offers good ventilation, and good protection. It's a fairly soft mask so you get some good bounces, and the lenses are decent. It's also a pretty comfortable mask. It also comes at a cheap price.

Cons- The Skul can only be described as ugly. It lives up to it's name and looks like a skull...which looks ugly.

Hopefully this answers all your questions on what masks are worth buying, and tells you the good and bad points of the most widely distributed masks on the market. Please PM me with any suggestions or new products you would like to be added.
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